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Fantastic Fractions

Year 6 have been mastering how to work with fractions.   We have learnt a number of rules to help us add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. 

We have been learning rules to help us with our fractions.


Tesleem - " In order to divide fractions we know we leave the first fraction, we change the operation sign from division to multiplication and then you turn the second fraction and then you do numerator times numerator and denominator times denominator". 


Adam -" When adding fractions, some may require you to have a common denominator or not.  For example if the denominators are not the same, you have to make them the same.  You can do this by finding a common denominator - you need to use your times tables to find the lowest common denominator.  What you do to the denominator you have to do to your numerator.  Once you have both of the fractions with the same denominator you just add the fractions.   If the fraction answer is improper we have to make it into a mixed number".


Monika - " An improper fraction is a fraction that is 'top heavy' which means the numerator is bigger than the denominator.   So to make it a mixed number by dividing the numerator by the denominator and then writing the whole number first and then the remainder as the numerator and the denominator stays the same".


Grace - " In order to multiply fractions you need to times the numerator by the numerator and then times the denominator by the denominator.  Always check whether the answer can be simplified."


Nyasha - " To simplify a fraction you should try and find the highest common denominator and then divide the denominator and the numerator by the common denominator you have found".

Number Work


We have been working on ensuring we are confident with our place value.  

We have worked on problem solving and our Roman Numerals. 

Maths is not just number - we use maths in so many different ways.  What ways do you use maths everyday?