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Weekly mindfulness sessions with Marishka!


Lesson 1 - Mindfulness with Marishka

Lesson #2 Mindfulness with Marishka

Lesson#3 Mindfulness With Marishka

Chapter 1: 0:00 | Words of affirmation. - Chapter 2: 3:13 | Reading - The snail and the whale. Teaching content created by Marishka Tharani, co-founder at ...

Jigsaw the mindful approach to PSHE


Jigsaw PSHE offers parents and children two of original stories from the Jigsaw Families Programme:


1. Fowley’s Wings (Fowley follows his dreams)


2.The Switch Watch (A family and their crazy dog called Bongo work out how to enjoy each others’ company)


3.  "Calm Me time" ( A few minutes of peaceful meditation)