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29.06.20 We begun to gather our research for our fact files and newspaper reports

Fun with Mr Chin during National Sports Week

This week we have also written a letter to a chosen friend, talking to them about what we've been doing and how we have been feeling. It has been a lovely way for us to express ourselves freely. If you would like to write and send in a letter to your friend you can also do so! Just ask your parent to email it to and I will forward it on for you :) 

We also made Father's Day cards - I'm sure you have also created some wonderful cards at home!

This week we have studied Van Gogh, his life and his art - here is some of the fabulous work we have created!

Enjoying the sunshine and getting creative!

Jake has been busy writing some very beautiful poems

Dear 6AA, 


I am missing you all dearly and hope you and your families are all well! 


It has been such a long time since we have all seen each other, but I am really enjoying receiving pictures and messages from some of you. It is wonderful to hear about and see some of the things you have been getting up to. I am so pleased to see that you are having fun, enjoying time with your family and continuing with the things you love to do. 


I am still working on my baking skills and have tried out some more recipes - I even recreated my childhood 'school cake' - I will put a picture below. I have also been doing Miss Hatton's daily yoga challenge. It may seem a little out of your comfort zone, I am definitely not a yoga professional, however it really does help you focus and keep calm. It would be great if you were all trying the challenge and even better if you sent some pictures in! You can find a picture of my day one yoga pose in the yoga section of your home learning page surprise


Speak soon xxx 





Jasmine's stunning art!

Jesslyn has been busy baking this scrumptious cake for her brother!

Be inspired!

Still image for this video
I took this video on my daily walk on Monday. It would be wonderful if you used it as inspiration for some writing or art - send them in so we can all see what each other create :)

Look at what Derin, Jake and Sharon have been up to! Keep sharing your pictures/messages 6AA - they make my day!

Good morning!!


How are you all?


How have you all spent your Easter weekend? I hope you haven't eaten all of your Easter eggs yet as the weekend isn't over surprise


You all know how much I love doing a bit of colouring - this weekend I have been doing some mindful colouring to pass the time (see some pictures below). 


Don’t forget to ask your parents to send in pictures/videos of what you have been up to, or even a message from you.   If they do not have twitter they can also send these to:


I miss you all very much!


Lots of love, 

Miss Ali xxx 

Hello 6AA, 


I hope you are all keeping well! I am missing you all very much - it feels like forever since I have seen you all. Please make sure you're following all of the rules that are in place at the moment. Staying at home and washing your hands regularly is very important.


This is a very different way of working for us all, however we all still have to work. Please make sure you are regularly checking the home learning section, as well as Active Learn, and completing activities. I can see on Active Learn that lots of you are beginning activities but not completing them. Regardless of the current situation, you will all be going to Secondary School next year and it is important that you keep on top of your learning. 


Things may seem a little scary at the moment, but please try not worry during this time as we are all going through this together. Try and set yourself a routine; have a set time where you complete some work, do something you love, play games with your family and PS4 with your friends etc.


I have been 'trying' to improve my baking skills; however I don't think I have reached Paul's standards yet! crying Below are some pictures of my creations this week! 


I would love to know what you have all been up to lately. You can ask your parents to tweet us a picture @Marsh_Green1 or send a direct message. I look forward to hearing from you!!


Take care and we will speak soon, 


Miss Ali xx 





Miss Ali's banana bread and waffles!