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Daily Learning

Monday 13th July - English - to answer a question with full sentences

In this set of lessons, we will meet some superheroes! We will think of special powers that superheroes have and consider what we would do if we were superheroes, ensuring that we answer in a full sentence. We end the lesson by designing our own superheroes.

Monday 13th July - Maths - Addition and subtraction within 20

In this lesson we will play a new game using knowledge of numbers to 10 and 20.

Monday 13th July - Foundation - The Koala Who Could

In today's lesson, we will explore how we might feel when we experience changes in our routine. We will also think about how we feel about trying new things. The key areas that this lesson links to are personal, social and emotional development and expressive arts and design.

Monday 13th July - PSHE - Super Juice!

In today’s lesson, we will be helping Percy to feel better by exploring different fruits and their benefits to our body. We will understand the importance of eating fruits and trying new foods to keep healthy and happy. Pupils will be required to make their own Super Juice with their chosen fruits and draw a poster listing the fruits and their advantages.


Number forming

Monday 6th July 2020 - Lesson 1 - English - To become aware of how our actions affect other people

In this lesson, we will explore the theme of kindness. We will think of times people have been kind to us and what effect this has had on us. We will consider ways we can be kind to others and make a plan. Extend this lesson by making a kind card and sending it to one of your friends or family.

Monday 6th July 2020 - Lesson 1 - Describe capacities of objects

In this lesson you will compare capacity using the words full, half full, nearly full, empty, nearly empty. As always, these activities work best when you are with your child, talking together.


Monday 6th July 2020 - Lesson 1 - Creative Curriculum - Being Kind, No More Teasing

In today's lesson, we will explore the meaning of the term teasing and explore why the character in the story may be teasing his little cousin. The key areas that this lesson links to are personal, social and emotional development and communication and language.



Monday 29th June 2020, Lesson 1 - English - All about reptiles

In this lesson, we will learn some features of reptiles. We will be thinking about what makes reptiles unique and choose our favourite reptile to describe.

You can extend this lesson by using an encyclopedia to compare reptiles to other animal groups, talking about the similarities and differences.

You could use books/the internet for your research! enlightened

Monday 29th June 2020, Lesson 1 - Maths - Investigating quantities using more or fewer

In this lesson we will compare quantities using the words 'more' and 'fewer.' At the end of the lesson you need to listen really carefully to the clues to work out how many passengers are in each carriage of the train.

Monday 29th June 2020, Lesson 1 - Creative Curriculum - Junk model sea creature

In today's lesson, we will create our own sea creature beginning with a j... Can you guess what it might be? The three key areas that today's lesson links to are communication and language, expressive arts and design, and understanding the world.



Monday 22nd June Lesson 1 - English - Materials

This week we will be learning about a story called 'The Three Little Pigs'.  The Pigs lived in houses made of straw, sticks and bricks and we will be encouraging children to think about the different materials the houses were made from. In this lesson we will learn and practice using different words to describe objects. You will need six objects, made of different materials for this lesson. Encourage children to think about which objects are soft, hard, smooth, rough, strong or weak.

Monday 22nd June Lesson 1  - MATHS - Couting

In today’s lesson we will practise counting objects in onto a 10 frame. Then we will put number cards 1-10 in order. Finally we will practise counting actions like last time. You can jump, skip, clap, march, hop or stomp while counting each movement. Don’t forget to join in!

Monday 22nd June Lesson 1 - Creative Curriculum - Emotions

In today's lesson, we are going to learn about different feelings and attribute each feeling to a colour. We will think about how we are feeling today and why we are feeling that way. We will make a colour monster to represent our current mood. This lesson links to personal, social and emotional development, language and communication and expressive arts and design.