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19th May 2020 


Helping Others 


Ella has been busy in her garden making some beautiful rainbow hearts.  By selling these Ella has raised money for the NHS! Well done Ella - a kind, considerate and very mature thing to do.  It is a lovely quality to have to think of others.  A kindness certificate will be emailed to you Ella and twenty housepoints ( but don’t tell Mrs Sanchez! 😁).


Ella has also been looking at the Shakespeare page under “Home Learning” and has drawn The Globe.  


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18th May 2020


Mental Health Awareness Week


The theme for this week is kindness. But kindness should be part of everyday, even the tiniest act of kindness can make a difference to someone and you.   A positive mental attitude is so important every day of your life.  It’s normal to have sad thoughts and days.  Remember - tomorrow is a new day, look for the good or amazing.


Here are a couple of quotes to inspire. Find out why these two women are important.


Picture 1
Picture 1

12th May 2020.

Florence Nightingale International Nurses Day


Florence Nightingale was born on this day in 1820.  The Nightingale hospitals have been named after her. She was the founder of modern nursing and responsible for raising standards.    According to Horrible Histories, she invented the pie chart!   You visited the museum in Year 2.  Although the museum is currently closed, you can still visit the museum website for a trip down memory lane. 

The Florence Nightingale Museum

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11th May 2020. SATs Week. 

Well this week would have been so different for you.   We would be having breakfast together,  you would be feeling nervous and or even a little excited!   All of these emotions are entirely normal.  You would have walked into the hall knowing you are prepared and would have tried your best - which is all that you can do.  It doesn’t matter that this week didn’t happen - you know how clever you are and we know that too!   

8th May 2020.  VE Day


Today is a day where young and old give thanks to the sacrifices made by many people over 75 years ago - some of whom would be our relatives.  Even though we cannot be together to remember them we can still show our thanks or spare a thought for them.   

My family made bunting and Daisy made some VE Day cakes.  

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Picture 3

5th May 2020  Knowledge is Power


Well done Kymani - it’s good to see you working hard at home. I hope you have been helping Ivy with her reading and enjoying the time with your baby brother.    (As I’m so old and do not use social media I took the image from our school twitter site).    

Picture 1

3rd May 2020     Well done !


Well done to the following children for working hard at home and logging onto your active-learn accounts.  I have added some more maths games to keep you busy and a few more books you might like to read, or even read again!    So a big well done to:  Connor, Teniola, Tadiwa, Nishat, Daniel A, Rihanna, Nuria, Joshuell, Ella, Praise, Cara, Kacper, Abigail, Kymani, Fatema, Lina, Obehi and Bjordi. 10 House points  If you do not see your name yet then that tells you you need to log on or do more than the amount you have done.   Practise makes perfect, knowledge is power enlightened.

2nd May 2020  Learning a New Skill


Thomas has been learning a new skill- making his own pizza!   Well done Thomas, make sure you write down the instructions so you can share it with your friends.   I hope you helped to wash up too?   

Picture 1

1st May 2020.  Lockdown Patience 


Daniel is clearly showing amazing patience as he completes his task - I think I would have given up by now Daniel!    I like the fact your reading book is there too 😁. Your desk is very tidy.     I hope you are well Daniel and helping with your little sisters too?   When we come back to school you can show us the final ball.   Glad it’s got the best team on it - Arsenal! 

Picture 1

29th April 2020

                 Artist in Residence 

This whole lockdown has given new meaning to the phrase “Artist in residence”.   Ella has been making good use of her time at home and continues to create her amazing art work.  Ella may be naturally talented but she is not wasting that talent and works hard every day on something she loves.   Well done Ella -it’s lovely to see you. I know when we come back to school you will have plenty of art to show us all.  Perhaps now is the time to create an on-line gallery 🤔

Picture 1

25th April 2020                                  A BIG WELL DONE!


I have checked your active accounts this morning ( it's too cold today to sit in the garden) and well done to the following children who have been regularly on their accounts: Joel, Cara, Ella, Tadiwa, Daniel O, Rihanna, Jordan, Teniola, Kacper, Obehi, Lina, Kymani, Nishat and Tanisha.   Ten house points to all of you when we return to school.  I have sent a parentmail to remind some of you that you still need to be doing work at home - we have worked hard to get you to where you need to be for secondary school and now is the time to show how much you have grown and matured by ensuring you do some work at home, even if it is a little bit each day that is still better than nothing.  You will be going to secondary school soon so it is best to be prepared - remember knowledge is power!!


I have included a new star The Oak National Academy - it is a website with lots of online lessons.

23rd April 2020                             St George's Day and a birthday!


Hello Year 6!!


Today is St George's Day, the patron saint of England.   Most countries around the world have a patron saint.   You will also know, from looking at the Shakespeare work we left for you that this is also the same day William Shakespeare was born and died!!!!    It is also my daughter's 9th birthday.  A strange day but also a lovely day to spend together in the garden - she is like most of you and understands things will be different for a while.


Here is a picture of St George slaying the dragon!  And a picture of the cake I made!!!

Picture 1
Picture 2

11th April 




I hope you are all keeping well and not eaten all of your Easter eggs yet !  

Don’t forget to ask your parents to send in images of what you have been up to.   If they do not have twitter they can also send images to:

The robins have finally left their nest but are just practising flying in my shed! 
Picture 1

Good Friday 10th April


Easter - this is a special time in the Christian Calendar.  A time when Christians give thanks for the sacrifice made by Jesus.   

Whatever your beliefs,  this is a time for all of us to be thankful for those looking after us or helping us.    

Here is a link you can read to learn more about Easter.

9th April


As you all know, I am such a great cook! Here is my attempt at a pancake.  Have you learned any new skills whilst off? 

Picture 1

8th April 

I hope you are all keeping well.   Please make sure you are looking at your active learn account - you have reading and maths on there and I am able to check who has completed tasks.    Any other work you do can go into your purple book.   

I have been reading lots, I hope you have too - find a topic you really enjoy and learn more about it.  

Here is an update on the baby robins. They are getting bigger but have yet to fledge their nest.  I didn’t realise they have speckled feathers whilst chicks.  

Picture 1

5th April 2020. 

Look what I discovered in my shed!   Even in times like this there are amazing things happening. 

Baby Robins.   Look closely and you can see their little beaks opened. 
Picture 1

3rd April 2020


Hello there!


It feels like I haven't see you all in a very long time and I hope you are all keeping well? It is a very strange experience for all of us and although I am a thousand years old I have not experienced anything like this before.  So here are some of my usual words of wisdom that I know you all miss so much:


Think positively - things will get better and eventually back to normal. You are old enough to realise to some extent what is happening so you need to be mature and make sure you are helping your parents as best you can.  This might mean tidying your room without being asked (surprise), or reading with a younger brother or sister to give your parents time to do other things like make you dinner (smiley)!


Try to keep to a routine.  So try not to stay in bed too late or go to bed too late as like it or not you will eventually be going back to school (laugh) and you need to keep your brain exercised.  Try to do some school work every day, you know how important reading is - knowledge is power remember- but it doesn't have to be your school reading book, we have put lots of links on the home learning page; it could even be one of the many podcasts if you prefer to listen to a story.


Keep in touch with your friends.  When you are busy looking at your K-pop! and TIKTOK, please remember to also ask your friends how they are doing?  Those of you who do not have mobile phones, try and email each other and have a chat or strangely, this is something you might find amazing, pick up the phone and have a nice talk with a friend!!


Do the right thing.  As hard as it is, you must follow the guidance set for all of us.  You can go in your garden, walk around the block with your parents but you should not be out and about playing football in big groups or having a K-Pop gathering around a friend's house - the sooner we all follow the rules and wash our hands regularly too, the sooner we can all return to normal - I am sure you would much rather be able to be outside then stuck in!



Here is a useful quote: " Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow's a fresh opportunity to make it better"


Remember, this time off is not a holiday, I have had to still go into work but it would be lovely to see what you have all been up to so if your parents have twitter (you shouldn't as you are too young of course!) then please ask them to send images of you and a brief description @Marsh_Green1.


Speak soon and hopefully see you all soon 


love Mrs Bell x 


ps.   I saw this and thought of you. 

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