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Message to Freshta

Thank you for sending me the lovely photo of you and your new baby. What have you named him/her. I hope that the baby is not keeping you awake too much at night and you are getting to have lots of cuddles.

Amilah's Work

Thank you to Amilah for your extended and interesting sentences. Wow, they included super adjectives and lots of information. You have created some fantastic work I am very proud of you!

I loved your art work, the picture of the uniform girl with hair as long as Rapunzel's. Your picture of the Mosque was very interesting. Did you get to celebrate EID? What did you do to celebrate this special day?

Hi all, I have to tell you I am missing you all so much.

I hope you are managing to have some fun while you are at home. My family have been keeping in contact using Zoom, we have had weekly quizzes and treasure hunt challenges. We have also all been making a weekly video so we decide on a song and all record ourselves singing it then my daughter puts them together so that we all are singing a part of the song. We aren't all musical, some have been really funny.

I have loved seeing pictures of the things you have done, please keep sending them in..


The weather was not good on Sunday so in my house, we baked; bread, scones and cakes..... They were delicious ! Must be careful though or my clothes won't fit!!!!!

I hope that it won't be too long before I see you all again, in the meantime I have read some stories for you to listen to, some have tasks to do to go with the story. I can't wait to read your Book Reviews to see what your favourite books have been, I have done one to show you how I have done it, I know how good you all are at your times tables so I have included some times tables tests, time yourself and try to beat your times and your targets- challenge your mums and dads or older brothers and sisters, can you beat them? 

Another good game is to challenge people to find something for every letter in a word such as  LAUGH ( 5 items, 1 starting with L... A... U... G... H...) Who finds them first? Choose another word. I hope you like this game, we love it!!!!



Looking out into my garden on Sunday, raining, pouring……..


Fortunately the weather was better on Monday so I went for a walk to a local park where I saw terrapins , swans sitting on their eggs, different types of geese and lots of flowers.

My Monday Walk



I wonder if you recognise where I am? Can you see Percy the Park Keeper? He said to say "Hi" to you all, he is doing his best to look after the squirrels and other animals.


Percy The Park Keeper



Bye for now. 

Miss you all, stay safe and i will see you soon

Mrs Ribbons x