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Hi Y3TW,


I hope that you are all well and working hard at home.


This week is 'Mental Health Awareness Week'(18th May to 24th May) and the theme for this year is' Kindness'. Mrs Weekes has up-dated the Health, Happiness and Wellbeing page of our school website with many fun activities that you can complete.


I would love to see any activities that you try so please send them to the usual address  and I will put them on our class page.


Take Care

Mrs Winkler



Hi Year 3TW,


I hope you're all well and continuing to work hard at home. 


I'm sure by now you would have heard that Year 3 will at least have a month in school before the school year finishes. I was pleased to hear this as I am missing you all! 


Today I have added our new Summer Topic under the sunflower icon. There are three tasks for you to complete. Have fun, I'm sure you will enjoy it.


Remember to look under the other picture icons as I have added new lessons from Mr Mathis, Shakira and Marishka. There is also a new and exciting ebook, here is the blurb:


'Have you ever wondered which dinosaur had the most
teeth, or which planet is the biggest? Maybe you want
to know how tall the tallest building is, or where you
can find the largest crater on Earth?
Super Stats takes you around the world and beyond,
ranking the stats so that you know the facts.'


It is a very exciting and colourful read! 


Please remember to ask your parents to keep sending in photos or videos of you at work and at play so that I can add them to our Orange Paint Blob icon for what 3TW and 3MJ have been doing at home. This is a great place to share your achievements and to have a look a the achievements of your friends!


Enjoy the rest of the week.


I will write again soon.




Hi Year 3,


I hope that you are all well and continuing to enjoy your learning at home.

Be sure to attempt some Maths, English and some Learning Challenge work from either 'Oakwood National Academy Online Classroom' and / or the 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons' each day. Abacus Maths work has also been allocated to you.


I have placed a new ebook under the reading book icon called 'Parts of a plant'. Please read this as there are some beautiful images and fun facts to support your learning. 


Please look at Miss Hatton's Yoga Challenge (where you willfind some pictures of my attempts) and send pictures of your attempts too. I can't wait to see them and I will add them to our class page!


V E Day celebrations will be in full swing this Friday and so new information about V E Day has been posted under the United Kingdom Flag icon. There is a video, as well as examples of lots of activities that you can complete on the run up to Friday (8th May 2020). 


Under the Be creative paint pallet icon, I have added some exciting activities from the Tate Gallery and it includes a video with commentary by the author Jaqueline Wilson. It is called Jacqueline Wilson's Magical Tour around the museum. 


Please record your work in the exercise book that you were given. (If you have not collected your book, your parents can ring the school office so that you can collect it).

Don't forget that this is still learning time and not the summer holiday.


Please do not forget to send in any amazing photos and videos of you working at home to so that I can include you within the Orange Paint Blob icon 'What have 3TW and 3MJ been doing at home?'.


I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing lots of pictures!

Stay safe and best wishes



Hello 3TW,

Hope that you are all well, keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine when out for your daily walk or in your back gardens.


Today (22.4.20) is 'Earth Day' and you can research some facts about it on BBC Newsround. Write some facts or create some images about the importance of this day. It would be lovely if you could create some window artwork by using recycled materials or print and colour in the PDF sheet found below. This would be a great way to celebrate Earth day with your community. 

Share pictures of your completed work with us on: 


Three new pdf books (Infographics Human Body, A Kid's Guide to Feeling Lonely, Why do I wash my hands?) have been placed under the reading icon for you to enjoy. Don't forget that there are also books allocated to you on your Active Learn site.


Please ensure that you complete an interesting English, Maths and a Learning Challenge task from either the 'Oakwood National Academy Online Classroom' and / or the 'BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons' each day. (Use the links provided to access the site easily).

Hi Year 3TW,


I hope you are all enjoying new learning experiences at home with your family. Remember to look after yourself and those around you by washing your hands frequently.


On the Home Learning section of our Y3 page you will find a range of fun learning opportunities. Try to choose different activities to complete each day but make sure that you exercise, read, write and complete a maths task every day. As we move towards Easter, remind yourselves of the Easter story through the activities on the Easter link below. Please use the exercise book and pencil that you were given in order to complete any written work. (If you did not take your book home from school, please ask your parents to collect it from the school office as soon as possible). 


During this time spent with your family, remember that a smile is a gift you can give for free. It will brighten your day and give joy to all those around you.


Miss you all