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For all you artists out there!!


Remember - there is more than one kind of art!


If performing on stage is your thing, then click on the website below for a glimpse of famous theatre productions.


The Show Must Go On!


If you want to learn about an orchestra and listen to musicians playing a range of musical instruments click on the link below - you might want to learn one of these instruments in secondary school. 


The bbc guide to the orchestra


If you just must get up and dance then go to gonoodle and strut your stuff!!  




If your dream is to be the next great painter, designer, sculptor then take your imagination to the site below. 


Tate Kids

Shakespeare Topic

As part of our summer term topic, Year 6 will be looking at A Midsummer Night's Dream.

We have sent home a purple book for children to complete a number of activities in. 

Please see the following link for ideas and information.


Children can do a mini-topic on Shakespeare - they can write a biography, make a time-line, create a fact file of his life, re-write one of his plays as a story, write their own version of a Shakespeare play, write a book review of their favourite Shakespeare play, make a model of the Globe Theatre, find idioms that were used in the 17th Century, look at the clothing in the 17th Century, houses etc.