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Using the library

We carefully chose a book , it took a while !
As we waited we started to read.
Sitting comfortably, so I"lol begin to read.
Engrossed, this is interesting.....
Look at this....
I can't wait to read this properly.
Glad I chose this one!
Reading sensibly.

Growing cress seeds

We put seeds onto damp cotton wool.
We put them in different places and waited.
In the fridge the seeds didn't germinate.
In the cupboard with no light, leaves were yellow.
In the light and sun, the leaves were green.

Creating our favourite animals

We created our favourite animals.
My animal is sometimes called "King".
My animal has a long neck.
It is usually yellow and brown.
It has the same bones in its neck as we do!
My animal has 4 wings.
It can be beautiful colours.
Mine is very fierce but looks a bit like a dog.

We went wild at Colchester Zoo 10.03.20

Exploring printing - 17.01.20

Identifying, sorting and classifying animals - 17.01.20

The Great Fire of London - recreating events and the importance of fire safety - 4.12.19

The Great Fire of London - sequencing events - 22.11.19

The Great Fire of London - researching and exploring materials and their properties 15.11.19

Bonfire Night and Fire Safety 08.11.19

Creating monsters - 18.10.19

Light and dark - electricity- 09.10.19

Black History Month - we have the right to be treated fairly and equally! 07.10.19

We have been learning about Sea Monsters! 20.09.19