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Using the library

Using the library 1 We carefully chose a book , it took a while !
Using the library 2 As we waited we started to read.
Using the library 3 Sitting comfortably, so I"lol begin to read.
Using the library 4 Engrossed, this is interesting.....
Using the library 5 Look at this....
Using the library 6 I can't wait to read this properly.
Using the library 7 Glad I chose this one!
Using the library 8 Reading sensibly.

Growing cress seeds

Growing cress seeds 1 We put seeds onto damp cotton wool.
Growing cress seeds 2 We put them in different places and waited.
Growing cress seeds 3 In the fridge the seeds didn't germinate.
Growing cress seeds 4 In the cupboard with no light, leaves were yellow.
Growing cress seeds 5 In the light and sun, the leaves were green.

Creating our favourite animals

Creating our favourite animals 1 We created our favourite animals.
Creating our favourite animals 2 My animal is sometimes called "King".
Creating our favourite animals 3 My animal has a long neck.
Creating our favourite animals 4 It is usually yellow and brown.
Creating our favourite animals 5 It has the same bones in its neck as we do!
Creating our favourite animals 6 My animal has 4 wings.
Creating our favourite animals 7 It can be beautiful colours.
Creating our favourite animals 8 Mine is very fierce but looks a bit like a dog.

We went wild at Colchester Zoo 10.03.20

Exploring printing - 17.01.20

Identifying, sorting and classifying animals - 17.01.20

The Great Fire of London - recreating events and the importance of fire safety - 4.12.19

The Great Fire of London - sequencing events - 22.11.19

The Great Fire of London - researching and exploring materials and their properties 15.11.19

Bonfire Night and Fire Safety 08.11.19

Creating monsters - 18.10.19

Light and dark - electricity- 09.10.19

Black History Month - we have the right to be treated fairly and equally! 07.10.19

We have been learning about Sea Monsters! 20.09.19