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Topic Fun!

Topic talk - Excercise

"The Busy Body Book" by Lizzy Rockwell

Let's find out how our bodies work! There are a million ways we can get busy, have fun, and stay healthy!

Topic Learning through play


Watch the video and then....


Monday - Talk to your mum or dad about the exercises in the book.  Which do you like to do?  Which do you not like to do?  Write a sentence about an exercise you like to do and and an exercise you do not like to do.  Begin your sentence with 'I like to....'


Tuesday -  Have an exercise day!  Start you day with an action dance song.  Challenge yourself - how many jumping jacks can you do in 30 seconds? Can you go faster to improve your score?  


Wednesday -  With help from a grown up, use the internet and find out about food which gives us lots of energy such as bananas, sweet potatoes, salmon, tuna, eggs, apples. Draw pictures of these foods. Talk about what you have and have not tasted.  What would you like to taste that you have never tasted before?


Thursday -  Place 10 vegetables in a row in front of you.  Take one away, how many do you have left. Say the sum: 10 - 9 = 9.   Repeat, by taking another vegetable away.


Friday - Talk about why exercise is important to our bodies.  Can you challenge an adult in your house to a race or a competition to see how many jumping jacks you can both do in a minute. After that, with help from your adult, can you plan and make a healthy meal?