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11.2.20 and 14.02.20 Science Investigation: Transparent and opaque Materials

31.01.20 Understanding what Islam is and what Muslims believe

29.01.20 Sports Athlete : Ryan Scott

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28.01.20 Science investigation: Which materials are waterproof ?

27.01.20 Science identifying and describing materials

24.01.20 “Let’s go to Africa Day”

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Mrs Badu spoke about a country in Africa called Ghana. She also showed us delicious food, beautiful jewellery and stylish clothes from Ghana too!

201.1.20 ICT investigating recipes and TV Cookery Programs

15.01.20 Spring Displays

14.01.20 Road safety magic show

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14.01.20 Road Safety magic show!

14.01.20 Planting Cress seeds

13.01.20 Identifying, sequencing and acting out the lifecycle of a plant

08.01.20 Identifying and labelling countries in Africa

18.12.19 Orchestra visit!

18.12.19 The Ocrhestra playing their instruments!

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21.11.19 Christmas Pantomime:Beauty and the Beast

15.11.19 Children in need day

11.11.19 Anti-bullying week "Odd Socks Day"

11.11.19 Recording Algorithms - ICT

1.11.19 Celebrating Diwali: The Hindu Festival of Lights

30.10.19 and 31.10.19 We are learning to research, create and build different types of homes

14.10.19 We are learning to orally rehearse and follow algorithms

Black History Month captions

8.10.19 Toys from the past- Mrs Lawton came to discuss toys she played with when she was a little girl. Then she played games that she used play in the playground with us. It was so much fun!

2.10.19 We are learning to identify and sort animals: amphibians, reptiles, mammals, insects and fish

30.9.19 and 1.10.19 We are learning to describe position, direction and movement using left and right

9.9.19 We are learning to identify and sort common animals