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LI: To write a headline and the 5Ws


Watch Mrs Johnson's video. Here she explains how we will be writing the first part of our article.

Pay keen attention to how to create a snappy headline and use your 5ws to structure the beginning. 


The resources that you will need to support you in this writing task can be found below the video.

Happy Writing!

Watch Mrs Johnson's example video!



L.I: Mentally add and subtract from 4-digit and 3-digit numbers using place value. (All)

L.I: Compare and order numbers, using < and > signs. (Extra support)




Following from yesterdays session, it's time to test your place value knowledge. Just like when we play shoot the sheriff. Can you correctly identify the Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones in each number?


Round each of these numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.


For example: 4552 = 4550, 4600, 5000.


  1. 8765
  2. 5678
  3. 1234
  4. 4321
  5. 9876
  6. 6789


Extra support - round these numbers to the nearest 10.


    1.  13

    2. 18

    3. 24

    4. 57

    5. 85

    6. 96


The next few questions are 'hardly any work’ additions and subtractions. These are super easy as it usually only involves changing a couple of digits or doing a little counting back or counting on in our heads.


Solve 4020 + 304 on your page. How did you do it? What was your answer?


All we had to do was add each place value, so all that changed in the first numbers was the 0 in the hundreds (changed to 3 hundreds) and the 0 in the ones (changed to 4). The thousands and the tens stayed the same.


Now try these using the same method... 


7632 – 602 =

8302 + 80 =

4009 + 3980 =

5964 - 904 = 




L.I: To locate words ending in 'sure' and 'ture'. (All)

L.I: To be able to double consonants. (Extra support)


Word detectives!

Read the text, can you find any ‘ture’ or ‘sure’ words?

Make a list of each.

There are 5 ‘ture’ words and 6 ‘sure’ words. Can you find them all?

Learning Wonders


LI: To learn about a historical figure


Today we are going to learn about a special person in the Christian faith. He is so special that he is considered a saint to many Catholics. His name is St Francis. Find out more about his life in the video below...



Responding to the video:


1) Can you write down at least four facts that you found out about Saint Francis from the video


2) Was his father always happy about his actions? Why do you think this was?


3) If you could meet Saint Francis what questions would you ask him? Think of at least four questions and record them in writing.