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VE DAY 75th Anniversary


World War II was from 1939-1945.  Although it was a very long time ago, your life today is as a result of the many sacrifices made by millions.  It is important we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice - some of you may even have great grandparents who survived this terrible time. What we are going through at the moment cannot compare to the sad destruction around the world at that time. 


The Prime Minister, at that time, Winston Churchill said:

”Never have so many owed so much to so few”.


Local councils are encouraging us to make red, white and blue bunting to show our appreciation and thanks which are core British Values.   Please make bunting and send the images in. 


Click on the link to find out more.



VE Day Activities

How to make bunting 

New British Values Display

The children in the base have been learning about Captain Tom Moore and his  contribution to British Society.   In his lifetime he served in World War II but even now he demonstrates qualities we should all have: respect, commitment, perseverance, consideration for others.  

What British Values have you demonstrated today ?  

Princess Elizabeth. 
Did you know the Queen, before she became queen, joined the Auxiliary British Army and worked as a mechanic!