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Wall of fame!

Our Wall of Fame!

Hello Year 1!

This page is our 'Wall of Fame' where you will find all of the super work that you and your friends have completed at home or in school. 


We love to see that you are still working hard and having fun - well done!   Please send in all your fantastic photos and videos to and you might just see yourself on the 'Wall of Fame'!


We miss you all and hope you are well! 


Mrs Goko and Ms Hatton 



Look at the Marsh Green community taking part in Ms Hatton's 30 Day Yoga Challenge! Who can you spot?

A lovely message from Sophie. Thank you so much! Have a lovely Summer! :-)

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Priansh painted a sunflower to say thank you. You're welcome Priansh. I love it! :-)

Wow can you see Priansh and his sister skipping for Thursday skipping challenge? They even tried skipping face to face and backwards! This looks like so much fun. Well done guys! :-)

Here is Prinash playing the keyboard for Wednesday's keyboard challenge. Lovely tunes Priansh Well done :-)

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Can you guess the amazing tune Priansh is playing on the keyboard? Great job ! :-)

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Check out Priansh’s drawing of Bart Simpson skateboarding for Tuesday’s skateboard challenge. Well done ! 👍🛹

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls we would like to introduce...... Sophisticated Sophie! Good use of adjectives. You could be a presenter on Cebeebies one day! :-)

Have a look at Priansh playing basketball. Super skills- well done! 🏀😀

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Check out Christina’s amazing basketball skills! 🏀🙌😃

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Sheikh-Tijani has a lovely message for Ms Hatton!

Priansh made the most beautiful tree featuring all of 1ZH! Ms Hatton loves this!

Finlay has been working so hard at home! What a great book review.. I love The Hungry Caterpillar too!

Have a look at Sophie's brilliant homework! Stunning sunflowers :-)

Here are Cristina's lovely sunflowers. Well done! :-)

Creeeeepy! Priansh went on a bug hunt in his garden to see how many creatures he could find! Look at what he found!

Priansh and his sister, Prisha, have been celebrating National Sports Week with some fun sport games!

Sophie and her family in a garden of joy! (The Royal Botanical Gardens). They all learned that flowers and trees come from different regions of the Earth and they are all unique and perfect in their own special way, just like different cultures are. Different colours, sizes, and shapes that form a remarkable garden, full of colour and life that brings joy in everyone's heart.

Priansh took part in National Writing Week and took on the challenge of writing his own stories using only 24 words! Well done! That was a tricky challenge!

Cristina and her brother designed and decorated their own sunglasses for sunglasses day! Good job guys! :-)

Priansh and his sister, Prisha, made some lovely gifts for their Dad on Father’s Day! I love your similes, Priansh!

Have you seen Cristina's home made butterfly? Have a look it's lovely! :-)

Amelia has made a rainbow using Bunchems. It looks so bright and beautiful. Well done Amelia!

Here is Amelia completing a puzzle and playing with building blocks. Looks like lots of fun! :-)

Sophie has responded to Cristina's Letter in the Super School Cloud. Have a look! :-)

Thank you for your kind message Sophie, we will all see each other again very soon! :-)

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Wow, Sophie and her sister Didi decided to try another science experiment today, called "Grow your own rainbow". Well done girls this is amazing! :-)

Wow, look at Sophie's lava lamp project with her family. They have been looking at the interaction between baking powder, oil and vinegar. Very impressive! Well done guys!

Bethany's amazing retelling of Little Red Riding Hood! Well done!

Priansh celebrated the Queen's 94th Birthday this week! Those biscuits look fit for a Queen... delicious!

Wow! Absolutely fantastic homework by Sophie. You have been working very hard. Well done!

Sophie and her family at Penshurst Castle Gardens!

To celebrate the Queen's official birthday Sophie and her family visited Penshurst Castle gardens. What a lovely birthday message, well done girls!

Bethany and Priansh enjoyed learning about Astronauts and their job yesterday! Good research skills!

Priansh and Bethany have made some informative posters on How to Wash Your Hands! Well done!

Wow! Look at Bethany's diary entry about an alien invasion! Isn't she a super artist?

Introducing...Priansh the Scientist!

Bethany loved this book so much, that she wrote a book review about it! Ms Hatton loves this book too!

Introducing...Sophie the scientist! Wow, look at Sophie doing the Scoop Challenge from her daily homework on BBC Bitesize! Well done! :-)

Look at this beautiful rainbow painted by Priansh and his sister, Prisha, for NHS staff & key workers!

Priansh and his sister, Prisha, had a Traditional Tuesday and celebrated their own Nepalese traditions!

Jaish has been counting and writing his numbers, well done! :-)

Priansh nominated Ms Hatton for a Kindness Award - it's been great seeing your yoga poses, Priansh!

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Bethany nominated Ms Hatton for a Kindness Award! She misses you too, Bethany!

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Prisha and Priansh's message of kindness to Marsh Green!

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Prisha and Priansh's lovely kindness stones and trophy for Mental Health Awareness Week!

Bethany's mum nominated her for a Kindness Award for being helpful in the kitchen! Look at this curry made from scratch!

Finlay celebrating VE Day!

Bethany's fantastic story about a Super Monkey!

Wow! Look at Priansh's maths work! He completed Mr Cross' challenge!

A lovely message from Sophie. Thank you, you rock too ! :-)

Here's Jaish working hard and playing with his sister. Well done Jaish! :-)

A very special VE day message from Sophie and her family! Well done guys!

Wow - look at Clayton and his mum in the park! It looks like they're flying mid air!

Sophie and her family teaching us how to grow our own tomatoes. Great job! :-)

Wow, this is Sophie practising her times tables. Well done!

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Sophie has been working very hard on Timetables Rock Stars. Look at all of those golden coins!

Sophie and her family painted a lovely rainbow on their window for the NHS. Well done guys, it looks great! :-)

Brian doing his Maths homework. Fantastic work, keep it up! :-)

A message from Bethany in 1ZH!


Hi Ms Hatton


It's Bethany here. I've been very busy at home and enjoyed doing lots of different activities!

I've especially enjoyed Drawing with Rob. I've drawn the Gregosaurus and Sonic the Hedgehog so far. I have written a lovely fantasy story too. I do writing, Maths and reading every day. I love watching Michael Rosen, the dance lesson with Miss Weekes, times table rockstars, phonics lessons and Mindfulness with Marishka.


I thought you would like to see a few pictures of what I have been up too.  


I miss you lots and looking forward to seeing you soon.



An acrostic poem written by Priansh! Well done!

Waseelah has been busy practising her letters and tricky words!

Ivy took on a challenge I set for her - to create pieces of art for each season! Amazing!!

Priansh has been celebrating St George's Day!

This is a video of Emily having fun painting the walls at home. Well done!

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Here is Emily having fun at the park with her dog. I hope you weren't too dizzy! :-)

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Have a look at Emily doing some fantastic handstands! :-)

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Emily doing her maths homework. Excellent work, Keep it up!

Wow, look at Sophie's fantasy story castle as part of her Summer homework. Very creative. I like the windmill, well done ! :-)

Cristina has painted a lovely rainbow for the NHS! I like the way you have carefully painted each line and added hearts at the bottom. Well done!

Sophie and her family having fun. Amazing homework Sophie. Well done! :-)

Thank you for your message Cristina, I hope we can all see each other at school soon!

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Cristina making play dough and creating amazing sculptures. Well done ! :-)

Sophie and her family having fun and keeping fit !

Ivy has been practising the months of the year and her tricky words! Well done!

Wow! Look at Priansh's fantastic topic homework! Well done :)

Finlay has been keeping busy! That cake looks delicious! Can Ms Hatton have a piece?

Victoria on Times Tables Rockstars!

George relaxing and doing some homework !

Brian's brilliant rainbow posters !

Cristina's amazing 3D crab!

Leticia doing her online maths homework. Well done!

Super maths work, Chearina!

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Amazing homework Bethany! Beautiful handwriting!

Fantastic Easter card Priansh!

Priansh's lovely rainbow for the NHS!

An Easter message from Sophie and her family !

Cristina's beautiful art work at home!

Sophie's Stunning Mehndi patterns!