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Wb 13.7.20

Transition Activities


Here are some activities that will help you begin to think about your journey into secondary school.


You could:

- Write your own leavers poem 

- Make a poster representing your favourite primary school memories 

- Write a letter to yourself in Year 11, explaining what you would like to achieve throughout secondary school.



Street Art - Banksy and Keith Haring


This week in the year 6 bubbles, we will be learning about the basics of street art, including some of the skills and techniques used. 

Saturday 18th July is Mandela Day 


This is an annual event named after Nelson Mandela and is designed to encourage everyone to take action against poverty. A United Nations (UN) international event held every year on Nelson Mandela's birthday, Mandela Day was founded on the principle that we can all give a little bit of our time to have a positive effect on the life of someone else. We can all make a difference in our community and help change the world for the better!



- Create a fact file/information poster about Nelson Mandela and his life

- Write a biography

- Write a letter to Nelson Mandela thanking him for the changes he made!