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LI: To write the main body of the article


Now that you have written a headline for your article and have introduced what it is about by using the 5 Ws, you will need to develop the rest of the article. You do this by writing the main body of the article.


Watch the video to see Mrs Johnson's demonstration of writing this section. Ensure you use the different sentence openers that are found in the resources below!

How to write the main body of the article



L.I: Count on and back in multiples of 10 and 100. (All)

L.I: Compare numbers using < and > signs. (Extra support)



Do you remember what signs we use to show if a number is greater than or less than another? 


Listen to the song below to help refresh your memory!


Greater than Less than song

Have a go at solving these using the greater than and less than signs. Remember, the crocodile always likes to eat the bigger number!


       All                       Extra support


1. 2461 ? 3910                              1. 19 ? 23

2. 4178 ? 4468                             2. 43 ? 34

3. 6053 ? 5063                            3. 27 ? 72 

4. 7236 ? 7246                            4. 51 ? 29

5. 7878 ? 7876                            5. 87 ? 77





L.I: To be able to use the 'ture' word ending accurately. (All)

L.I: To practice words with double consonant endings. (Extra support)


Have a look at the words in the word bank. Add the correctly spelled words into the sentences and write them out. 


Be careful! Some of the words in the word bank are not spelled correctly!


Extra support:

As you have been practicing your double consonants, it is time to try spelling word endings which have silent consonants in them.

Learning Challenge


LI: Why do we get a bellyache?


Have you ever wondered why your belly starts to hurt at times? What causes us to have an upset stomach?


Task -


ALL - Read the information on the following webpage (link below) to find out the causes of a tummy ache,


once completed create a leaflet advising others how to prevent getting food poisoning


Extra Support - Watch the video (link below)


Share the reasons why somebody may get sick from the food they eat. Record in a style of your choice (video, poster, diagram). 


You can share your learning with the rest of the year group by sending it via parentmail.