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Wk/com 16th November



Things you can practice at home:

  • Writing numbers to 10
  • Counting to 20 
  • Adding using physical objects (for example, 2 sticks + 1 stick = 3 sticks)
  • Recognising and naming 2D shapes - can you see any shapes around your home?
  • Saying what is one more or one less than a given number
  • Using positional language such as 'behind', 'next to', 'on top of', 'underneath' - perhaps you could play hide and seek!

It's My Birthday

Watch the video and complete the activities below!

Learning through play


Watch the video and then....


Monday -  Have a go at writing a shopping list for your perfect birthday party! 

Tuesday - Make a fancy bracelet folding a piece of paper and decorating it.

Wednesday - Design your perfect birthday cake using your favourite toppings. (template below)

Thursday - Have a go at one of the maths worksheets below! (Counting candles and adding fruit)

Friday - Who would you invite to your birthday party? Write a card to invite someone to your birthday!