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Wk/com 4th January

6 January 2021

Please send in any photos of activities that you do with your children to:


Introducing our new topic!

Oliver's Vegetables

Let's read along together and find out what happens to Oliver when he visits his grandfathers vegetable garden! This story teaches us all about health foods....

Learning through play

Watch the video and then....


Monday - Draw some healthy fruits and vegetables that you would like to go and shop for.

Tuesday -  Make a self-portrait using fruit and vegetables at home.

Wednesday - Draw different fruits and vegetables you know - trace around some real fruit and veg if you need to!

Thursday - Go on a shape hunt. Can you find objects that are round or tall.  Can you find something in your house that looks like a circle shape?  Can you find something else in your house that has a square shape?

Friday - With help from a grown up, could a have a go making a healthy vegetable soup?



Things you can practice at home. Complete one maths activity everyday:

  • Counting to 5 or 10. Count your fingers. Count your toes.
  • Count to 10 and do 10 claps. Then do 10 jumps. Remember to count as you go along!
  • Look at a bowl of potatoes, (or anything else you have).  Can you count out 3 potatoes and put them in a row?  Can you count out 5 potatoes and put them in a row?
  • Go on  a shape hunt.  Find something that looks like a circle!  Can you find something round? Then see if you can find a square!  Look at your windows?  What shape are they?
  • Play hide and seek using positional language 'behind'. Is the ball behind the curtains? Behind the door?  Behind the box?

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus



In nursery children begin the writing process by mark making.  The term 'mark making' refers to the lines, circles, patterns and squiggles that children in early years make with pen, pencils, paint, crayons and so on.  


Mark making is more that just a scribble!  Children learn and begin to make sense of the world through mark making.  It is the beginning of a child's journey towards writing and is an important step in a child's development for handwriting, creativity and co-ordination.  Initially children take pleasure from the physical activity of mark making, but as they develop, they realise that they can control their marks, and their creativity starts to thrive.


Mark making isn't just about using a pen and paper.  Encourage children to create marks in different materials such as a tray of rice, lentils or soil, by running their finger over these items.   Then head outside to a local park and take mark making to the next level! Let them drag a stick through the mud or get creative with colours using a jumbo chalk!

Draw a picture with shaving foam!