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LI: To be able to convert notes into prose (full sentences).


As you know, from the Rainforest video we watched before Christmas, you were asked to make notes and turn your short notes into a paragraph.  Using the information provided about dinosaurs, turn the short notes into full sentences.  These sentences need to be linked with conjunctions so the ideas then become one cohesive paragraph.   This means the paragraph flows and all the ideas go together in the one paragraph.   You should be using adverbs and conjunctions such as: furthermore, in addition, also.  Try to avoid starting every sentence with the or they as that is not exciting and will not grab the reader's attention.    Look at the examples of notes and prose provided before you write your own. 

Please send in an example of a paragraph so we can add it to the web page.

Example of notes and prose (full sentences within a linked paragraph).

Look at the dinosaur set of notes provided.  You should be able to convert the notes into full sentences.  The minimum expected is one paragraph but you should be aiming for at least three.  Your work should be joined and spellings correct.  Words provided in the text should not be spelt wrong.