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Wk/com 11th January

Topic Talk - Food and Health

Good enough to eat

Learning through play


Watch the video and then....


Monday - Draw a picture of a salad.  Now think about what else you might eat with a salad. How about cucumbers, carrots, beetroot, sweetcorn?  Draw a picture of these things! 

Tuesday -  Can you sort your food at home into two groups of healthy and unhealthy foods?

Wednesday - What words can you use to describe how each fruit feels. Which is your favourite  fruit? Draw your favorite food.

Thursday -  Count to 10. Can you count out 10 baby potatoes, or ten things in your house. What number goes after 10? Can you have a go writing the number 1?

Friday - With the help of an adult, could you try making a fruit salad using your favourite fruit? Then tell an adult how it tastes! Draw a picture of yourself with a big smile!