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Wk/com 23rd November

Wk/ com 23rd November

Phonic Lesson Videos


The First Christmas
Watch the video and complete the activities below:

The Very First Christmas book

Learning through play


Watch the video and then....


Monday -  Talk about the characters in the book.  Can your see the shepherd, baby Jesus, an angel, a donkey, wise men?  Write a sentence about what you see using the words 'I see...'

Tuesday - Look at Christmas tree decorations. How many different bauble designs can you see. Draw and decorate a bauble.

Wednesday - Listen to the song 'jingle bells'.  Can you learn the words and add actions to the words.

Thursday - Say what is one more than a given number. What is one more than 4, one more than 5, one more than 6 and so on. Use Christmas decorations (or spoons) in your house to help you.  For example, lay out 4 Christmas baubles in straight line.  Whats one more? Add one more bauble to the line and find out.

Friday - Talk about things you would do at Christmas (or any other special occasion).  Do you make special food? Do you put decorations up? Do you have music and presents? Draw a picture of things you love about Christmas.